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Originally Posted by Kathie Fry View Post
We really want to keep all of the "skates for sale" posts in one section of the SkateLog Forum, no matter what type of skates are being sold, so our forum visitors will only have to view buying and selling posts if they choose to. We need to prevent buying and selling from eclipsing the skating discussions in our forum. You can read more about some of the decisions behind the creation of our buy-sell forums, and our recent decision to add a password to those forums here:

Adding a Password to the Buy-Sell-eBay Forums

Everyone should feel free to add their own thoughts and comments to that discussion

- Kathie
Hi, Kathie,

I tried your link but it requires password......where can I find the password in order to use the webpage you provide??

If I want to sell speed skate boot, do I post in "buying" section or in another section???? I am new to this forum, just been accepted by Jessica 2 days ago.

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