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Originally Posted by Tarninou View Post

I'm not here to get advice to choose wheels, I like to do my own successes and mistakes, so I already bought 8 70 mm kryptonits wheels. I haven't tested them yet, as a beginner I try to master the basis before.

But I'd like to have some opinions about what I can wait for when I'll use them. I purchase larger wheels mostly to go for a "hike" on wheels.

I read a lot of posts about it but it seems that the ones of you who use large wheels mostly do that for downhill or speed. Is it good for hanging around ? It'll probably be harder to move, but is there a huge difference for tuning fr exemple ?

I also saw that some are cutting the wheels to make them narrower, is that an obligation ?

Thanks by advance.
Get used to it, everything is not a problem.
I used 75mm wheels for speed、downhill、jamskating.
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