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Originally Posted by speedysktr View Post
My dearest Pepper, clearly you are no stranger to the man-crush,
in your myriad of "closing" techniques, which one is the fastest?


Chicagoland marathon!!!
sign up today and witness these shenanigans first hand
as the stern Den Mother, the Major, tries to keep
these three rascally cub scouts inline. <-- get it? in-line

btw, this was gless on the aforementioned first climb:
ahhemmm...I must protest the aforementioned post in the strongest of terms to the management of this message board. It contains offensive material including lies, embelishments and worst of all joke stealing! This is shocking behaviour and should not be tolerated on a civilzed forum such as this. I recomend punitive measures be taken against this user.

My points are as follows:

1. There was absolutely no spewing of any kind by me during any of today's climbs. There is absolutely no breakfast cliff bar residue to be found along today's route. The UN inspectors have issued their report and conclusively shown that there was absolutely no evidence of weapons of mass vomiting to be found in the entire countryside. (there was however slow climbing speeds and multiple drops occurring as noted in the footnotes of the report but that is irrelevant to the charges being presented here)

2. At the top of the second climb I'm the one who said...hey that climb reminds me "Did you hear about Joey Mantia spewing after winning WIC in Switzerland??"
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