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Maybe this was meant to go into the quad forum for general purpose quad skating?

I use toestops for indoor speed for starts. They're often good for couple of placements going into the first corner. That said, I like the SureGrip cutaways because they're light and have the right angle for my style. Nothing about stability, which often includes heavier toestops with a larger footprint that can interfere with wheels. There are some old stock ones that are terrible (crumbly and slippery), but the pair I have grips just fine. They wear out a bit quick.

I found the Gumball V2 work well for derby after a couple of practices to wear them down. They're a bit bouncier than the Suregrips. They're quite a bit bigger for stability, and they're lasting a lot longer.

(For completeness I'll mention that I use plugs for session skating.)
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