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This question needs to be more specific.

First off, it is not the style of skates ("quad speed skates") that determines what the best toe stops will be, but rather it is the KIND OF SKATING.

Assuming speed skates are used for actualspeed skating - as in racing - then no toe stop is the more normal setup. However when a speed skater still deems toe stops to be a necessity, then their use for STARTING is typically a higher priority than for STOPPING.

In this case, running up on the toe stops to get up to speed from a dead stop ASAP is the desired result, and both the size and grip of the toe stop is paramount. If the stop's height cannot be set close enough to the floor to allow the foot angle to function for max power transfer then it will be poor.

Stop stems that are too short, which do not allow them to be positioned with enough extension to be set optimally close to the rolling surface will compromise performance for fast starts. This setting can also degrade performance for stops as well, especial 180 reverse stops.

The deck height of plates and the location of the stop hole threads above the rolling surface will impact the decision of which stops are best matched to a given set of plates. In addition the angle of the stop hole and its nearness to the wheels can dictate what stops are best size wise to avoid wheel bite on the stop.

Insufficient grip of stops when doing starts and while running several strides fully up and supported on them, can have the leg thrust force exceeding the traction grip of the stop material, and the resulting slippage will destroy a fast start. So the formula of the stop material has to match well for grip to the skater's typical rolling surface environment(s).

So bottom line is that choosing the best stops is going to be a matter of uniquely assessing the particular plate design properties on which they will be used, as well as considering both the running starts versus stopping aspects.

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