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They have very large 5-6mm radius rounded corners on the inside & outside edges of the wheels.

It is worth it to remove most (4-5mm) of these dead weight, no contact zones from both sides of wheels for weight reduction, and then round off the newly formed, sharper corner somewhat further to minimize potential for corner chunking damage from the more frequent outdoor impacts with sharp edged imperfections of the rolling surface. These wheels handle such impacts brilliantly, as long as their edged aren't too sharp cornered after narrowing them.

My 2nd set of 76mm Z-Hawg wheels in 86A (1st set was 84A) are now approaching 1000 outdoor miles of use and there is an average of only a bit more than over 1mm diameter reduction (.5mm surface lost) from wear.
This is phenomenally good wheel durability and wear resistance on concrete and asphalt.

PIC below shows outsides of the original 84A wheel (in turquoise; now different color) faced to remove large radius and then sharp corner sanded into smaller radius. Original large radius remains on opposite side.

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