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Originally Posted by AZSHOT View Post
Like the pitbull dog analogy, it's a numbers situation. Up to 95% (varies by year) of the dog caused deaths in America are by Pitbulls. If you allowed a Hells Angels biker gang to live next door, 95% of the problems with neighbors would be from there.

Read the Islamic caused deaths in just the past 30 days. Then read it for the past year. Then for the past 10 years. You'll stop counting very quickly. 99% of the people in the world committing attacks, suicide bombings, beheadings, shootings, mass murder are doing it in the name of Islam. Thousands, and thousands are dying every month "for Islam." Recall all the club shootings, the planes flying into buildings, the beach beheadings, the public hangings happening every year. Compare that to the .0001% wacko attack by someone saying he's Christian (but usually isn't practicing....but the Islamics that do this sure are).

Those that have ears, let them hear:
OH man, you coming over to the "racist side too"? LOL They will not listen to reason. You are going to get classified in the category that Rufus and I am in... Common sense = racist. Numbers mean everything when they put them out here but if you or I put them out there, we are racist. Talk about bent situation.

I could have used snake as in constrictor, maybe that would not have insulted them as much, or maybe a kodiak bear. Anyway, they get stupid they(whomever, white, yellow, green, Klingon etc... not racist) eat dirt forever.
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