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Originally Posted by fierocious1 View Post
No, you did when you linked the two in a sentence. I was referring to prention of anything that you could do to proactively to prevent unnecessary injury and death. You know, common sense stuff.....

Lol man you crack me up!
Originally Posted by fierocious1 View Post
And you know it similar to people that like big vicious dogs in their homes. Pit bulls are unpredictable. "oh he will never bite our kids". Kid mauled to death by a dog later. You invite someone in that has not had sufficient background check, you take a risk. People not from this country and have no idea of the ways here things are done. It is a cultural shock to them. Then they freak out and start some stuff. Not all do it, some grow up here and later get infected and the "kill switch" gets flipped on. But the incompatibility of some people way of life invites trouble into ours.
Pitbull is to kid as Muslim is to America

That was your analogy. Interpret as you may.
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