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Originally Posted by ccsykes View Post
I was told to ask for Doc. I just got back into skating after 25 years. My kids are at that age now and they like skating. And I found myself enjoying as much as the kids. I use to jam/speed skate, was pretty good at one time haha.

Welcome back. Glad the kids are enjoying it.

I'm trying to recreate my oldschool setup.

I guess I still do not get this concept. For some reason quad sk8rs have the idea that nothing has improved since the quit. Could not be further from reality.

I'm a Laser fan boy. I heard Doc sells Laser stuff (I apologize in advance if this is the wrong place).

I sell darn near anything, but am not a Laser fan by any means. Sk8ing has come a long way since the 80s...

I recently got my skates (new). My specs: 595's, Laser Plates, Yellow 83A cushions, Bone Swiss and Black 93A Power Plus wheels.

With the factory black Laser cushions, the setup just seemed way too tight to me.

Yeah the rubber cushions are not a real good option. I keep trying to get Sure Grip to make a run of Supers in the Laser size but they tell me there is no demand... and after all demand drives what manufacturers want to invest time money and effort into.

It was a lot of work and blisters to skate in them. I never use to run my trucks loose like some folks, I used the right cushions, but I do remember having a custom setup. I just can't remember what that was.

That is the correct approach. Too bad the good urethane Laser cushions are almost extinct.

I did loosen up the trucks with the stock cushions and got some performance improvement, but the rebound and fluid feeling just wasn't there.

Of course not. Rubber is not known for those characteristics.

I felt very off balance. I did just swap the cushions out to yellow 93A's and the trucks seem way better but I haven't hit the rink yet (doing that tomorrow).

OK I'm confused. Yellow 83s or 93s?? Hope they are 83s. NOTE The black rubber is supposed to be ~ 85A. I don't know I never checked. I throw stock rubber into a bin and forget about it.

What I'm looking for: Reverse King pin setup for Laser Plates.

The only drop in is from the Snyder Royal. Certainly available. There is a bit of an issue to deal w/ however. You must insure the threads on the adjusting end are not rubbing in the truck yoke.

If possible some oldschool Fafnir bearings (the ones with the plastic cover?),

Fafnirs with plastic seals are like unicorns. I have seen exactly one set of 38Ks Fafnirs with plastic crowns are around but not inexpensive. Guy on eBay seems to keep coming up with those and other cool old school bearings.

the Bone Swiss don't feel as fast to me?? Maybe I need to break them in?

Nope, most likely it's the wheels. Black SG Power + are supposed to be 93A. That is starting to get into the soft range. Of course there are other factors that could be @ play. I would suspect your memory first of all. I have never run into any Bones Swiss that were what I would call slow. There are fakes out there, so I guess that could be a player as well.

Lastly, I'd love some of the old style orange Labeda wheels with the solid aluminum center. The power plus ones seem harder to me.

I doubt 93 A Sure Grips are harder than the typical 95-97A Labedas from back in the day. Those are a around too, but beware. The one piece wheels have issues w/ the tire separating from the hub. Prior abuse and old age play a part. These are the best wheels on the planet. Not cheap but they out perform the old stuff in wear grip and roll. He makes a few different types.

Anyways thanks!!!
Hope this helps a bit. I really wish folks would ask first before they put a lot of money into recreating their old sk8s. A lot has changed over the years. The industry went dead for a couple of decades quad wise but they woke up again in 2008 or 9. If you want to pursue further, shoot me a PM.
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