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Originally Posted by mtleighton View Post
I also can't believe we're at 125mm wheels now. That seems uncomfortably big.
A lot older crowd likes the 125mm wheels, mainly because they roll forever. I skated on them for 2 seasons and could never really get comfortable diving into corners, so I would tend to coast in and drive hard causing me to run up on others. It got tiring.

Wheel selection for 110mm wheels is better as well. TLTF recently released the Halo Badger 125mm wheels, with the same urethane as the Honey Badgers and I’ve heard good things about them. Atom has been working on 125mm wheels for a while now, but nothing has been released to the public. So your indoor 125mm choices are Matter Lethal-X, TLTF Halo Badgers, or Matter/TLTF/MPC/Atom/Bont outdoor wheels. The two years I skated on 125mm wheels indoors, I used mostly Matter outdoor wheels (One20Fives, G13s, or my favorite Code White).
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