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Default Titanium axle swaps

I'm looking into replacing the axles on my Pro-Octane plates with titanium. They came bent from the warehouse, so I figure I may as well get an upgrade if I'm going to go through the trouble of replacing them. The trucks are just cast ones. I have access to a metalshop (a maker space), including a 12 ton press, lathes, mills, etc. I was just going to buy a length of 8mm titanium rod and cut it to length, then cut the threads into it (no real need for flips). Does this plan sound feasible?
If this goes well, I'm thinking of doing the same for my girlfriend's Arius axles (red). They're not bent, but I'm always trying to get her setup as light as possible, because she's a 125 lb jammer. Can both of these axles be pressed out? Thanks!
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