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Originally Posted by rolaboi View Post
I always, and only skated on the Custom V1's.. there are skaters on them all over the world including Tammy Bryant, Kristen Slade, Sarah Jane Jones, Eric Tranouez (spelling! sorry Eric!!), Patrick Aimes... so so many..

The new Custom V2 is set for release now, its available in different colours too!! and more importantly improved on the V1...

Custom Inlines

by the worlds in Bordeaux, 1993, they were doing some promo for the inline skates and a Canadian boy offered to skate in them and do a demo..

the following year at worlds in Italy (`94), Ruben Genchi was doing demos in the cafe area with a booth to promote the inline frame (i cant remember which one, I'm guessing his and Risport)... he was doing sit spins and double mapes in the cafe! it was great...

i remember when they introduced the inlines here in the usa at nationals, they had different world class men demonstrating them and they were able to do the spins to a degree and double jumps easily and even a couple of triples. i think i saw eric a., toby m. and greg s., on them then.
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