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Originally Posted by tguido56 View Post
The Italian Risport inline plates named Galaxie were made in 1995, about 12 years ago, and were discontinued few years later.
They were three-wheeled, lightweight, made of Alu alloy, flat setup (no pre-built rockering), available in 5 different lengths and mounting a standard round toe stop.
There are few chances nowadays to find a couple of such plates. A Google search with the words "Risport Galaxie" may reveal the few online shops that can still have them. You can at least find some photos of the plates.
On the page you can see the Swiss skater Melanie Bernhard using the Risport plates. In the article she tells that she had to buy the plates via Internet.
Risport itself is unable to give help in finding distributors that can still have the product.
In any case there are their contact details:
Risport Skates - Rossignol Lange
Workshop: Risport Skates - Via S. Gaetano, 243 - I-31044 - Montebelluna (TV) - ITALY
Email:, Web:
Commercial offices: Rossignol Lange - Via Dell'Industria, 1 - I-38010 Taio (TN) - ITALY
Tel: +39 0423 616611, Fax +39 0423 603133

The Italian Atlas inline plates underwent a similar story.
The Atlas plates are somehow similar to the Risports, but with a stronger construction and with the back wheel protruding a bit out of the frame, so assuring a longer, more stable standing length.
At least the Spanish online shop Lestel Skates seems to have some Atlas plate.
Go to the site and choose the category "Artístico Línea". The tiny image can be enlarged.

The inline plates more recently used by the Italian athletes in worldwide competitions are the Pro Skate, formerly known as McRuben Pro or simply McRuben. The present name of the product is Butterfly.
They show the same general design of the former Risport and Atlas plates, with 3 wheels, estruded lightweight 6082 Alu alloy, flat setup (no pre-built rockering), available in 7 different lengths (wheelbase 146mm, 151mm, 156mm, 162mm, 168mm, 174mm, 180mm) and mounting a standard round toe stop. The frame can come complete with a set of 6 high quality Labeda wheels (Gripper Xtreme or Shooters or Lazer).
To have a look at the product go to the producer's site and choose Ingles (English) -> Product -> Artistic -> Frames
Contact details:
ProSkate srl
Zona industriale Via Maniago, 105/a - I-33085 Maniago (PN) - ITALY
Tel. +39 0427 701779, Fax +39 0427 700400, Email:, Web:

Please note that any of the above flat frames can be rockered by 2mm simply by putting a smaller wheel on the front, e.g.: 72mm + 76mm + 76mm, or 76mm + 80mm + 80mm.

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