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Just to supply other relevant info on the subject of inline artistic plates...

The Snow White plates are made in Taiwan by Double L's International Co. Ltd. and shipped worldwide.
The is in fact the Double L's site. The company is administered by Arthur Lee.
For most of the European countries these plates are distributed by
Winner's Skates
via dell'Artigianato, 4 - Cornuda (TV) - ITALY
Tel.: +0039 0423 839622 - +0039 0423 839979, Fax +0039 0423 839978
For enquiries regarding the Snow White plates you should ask to contact Stephan Bosch

Winner's is also the producer of the line of CF skating boots that, by the way, are made in an "old fashion" way, lightweight, breathable and entirely composed by true leather and natural materials. That's the reason why the Snow White skates can also be purchased already mounted on the CF boots. And maybe that's also the reason for thinking these plates are "made in Italy", while they are not.

The Snow White plates are really a jewel of manufacturing and little remains to be ameliorated. It worths noting that the frame design underwent small but appreciable improvements over the years regarding wheel geometry, optimal distribution of thichnesses, boot-plate interface. Recently the new SpeedMax higher quality wheels particularly suitable for artistic skating have been developed and put into production.
A couple of frames complete with wheels, bearings and toe stops is priced at 220 US$, so at the "cheap side" for this kind of equipment.

The Custom Inlines V2 plates from Australia can be found on (on only the V1 is shown, but now there is a link to the new site).
The site is active from mid of April 2007.

There are three different sets of plates, mainly characterised by the inclusion of additional special wheels and toe stops. They are geared for general use, freeskating and dance. The frames are available in three length and even in different colors.
As far as the online photos can tell, the overall geometry of the skates, with their uneven spacing of the 3 wheels, is unchanged from the V1 and is very similar to that of the Snow White frames. The rear wheel has its center under the far end of the heel and the central wheel stays at approx. 45% - 55% respectively from front - rear ones. The special feature of these frames (as the V1 already did) is the possibility to adjust the rockering of the wheels.

The plate, as other products of this kind, is from an extruded bar post-machined with an overall design sweeter than the V1 and recalling in the upper part the old Snyder Triax inline plates.
The ads tell that the new frame is 18% lighter than the V1 and nevertheless stronger than that.
The standard grey and the "super jump" toe stops are evidently by Roll-line Italy. The all-purpose SpeedMax wheels have been developed in cooperation with Double L's, the manufacturer of Snow White frames.

On the site there is the complete price list. A couple of naked frames (w/o wheels and toe stops) starts at 345 AU$, that is about 285 US$ or 210 euros.

And finally why not to mention the new Chinese products?
Well... there are the Shye Jyh plates at (these are strange because you can accomodate three or four equally spaced wheels at your will) and the Catch Wind plates at (look at the picture with the 3 wheel frame mounted on a Risport boot).
Unfortunately there is little or no (readable) information at all on these plates.
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