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At one point, we had Three rinks in town.

Gibson Arena- Still open, and I attend every session I possibly can there. They have a sister Rink (Same Owners Family) in New Castle Indiana.

Skate-A-Way- Closed in 1992 I believe. (I might be off on the year)

Hullaballoo- Used to be a dance hall just outside of Muncie. They turned it into a skating rink for a couple of years from what my mother told me. It closed in the late 70's - early 80's

Basically, During the late 80's you either went to Gibson's or Skate-A-Way. There were a few of us that went to both. I stayed away from Skate-A-Way for the most part, as their floor ROYALLY sucked.

Skate-A-Way Started having MAJOR management issues, and started suffering maintanence problems shortly after. They had a big hole in the floor for nearly 2 years, that got worse and worse, with nothing done about it.

The rink was really small compared to the rink at Gibson arena, and there was a big rivalry between the patrons of each rink. I remeber fondly the RIP sessions we used to have between the Skate-A-Way Regulars, and the Gibson's Regulars. Some of them had Shirts printed "Skate Away from the Craters in the floor"...etc. Some Skate-A-Way Die Hards used to come to the speed team open practices just to spectate, and heckle... That sometimes caused friction... My cousin used to tell me stories of the stupid crap they would pull on Friday nights in the Gibson Arena Parking lot...

The building that housed Skate-A-Way is still standing but it is now a carpet store. The Old disco floor (Really just a raised 9'X9' lighted floor stage platform thingy) got sold to the local under 21 club, and was destroyed in a fire 2 years after the rink closed.

I never skated at the Hullabaloo, as I was really REALLY little when it closed (Building is still there, but it is a storage warehouse now).

There is Rumor that there is a rink in Gaston Indiana (Tiny little hole in the earth town a few minutes northwest of Muncie). But I have yet to get the inkling to even attempt going to that god-forsaken little town to see if it is true.

I also had another Favorite Rink that was Located in Somerset Kentucky. I used to go there when my parents would take me to see my Great Grandmother and our Aunts and Uncles that lived in Mt. Vernon. I don't remember the name of the rink, but they had a REALLY nice wood floor that was well maintained. I haven't been down that way in about 5 years, so I don't even know if that rink is still there or not. It would be a shame if it has closed. Everyone there was friendly, they played GREAT music, and the floor was one of the nicest wood floors I had ever skated on.

I might take a Drive to get photos of the locations, and the actual physical addresses of the Old Hulaballoo and the Old Sake-A-Way building to post up in here. I'll ask around to some of the other skaters around here and see if they have any photos from the heydays of the closed rinks. Outside, inside... whatever.
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