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When we still lived in the Philadelphia Area (in the early 70's) My husband and I met and skated at Pike Rollarena, South Hampton Pa. Any one else ever skate there??? Bill Clark was the Organist, but, about the time I started skating he was leaving to open his own rink. Shortly after my husband and I were married Marty Dumic arrived at Pike to play the Organ!!! OMG ... we were all so young!!! I think Marty was about 20 years old and we were in our 20's too!

Pike was not a large rink, but what a "FUN" Rink... The "Fleahoppers" skated 2nd session on Saturday nights and that is what impressed me the most since I was a "newbie". There was a bunch of us haridressers that worked together and decided that we needed something "different" to do on weekends... It all started out as a joke but it didn't take long for 3 of us to become addicted!!! After all... we got all the help we needed to learn how to skate. Imagine a group of 7 or 8 Hairdressers, with "Big Blond Hair" and "tiny little Hot Pants"... The guys were tripping over each other to "help us learn"!!! hahaha...LOL.... Oh what memories!!!

We were all just stunned when we started skating on Sunday evenings too... That's when the Artistic skaters showed up... And that's when I met my husband! The memories are wonderful... the Christmas Party at session when our Son was "Rudolph"... the Junior level Dance Team that did the Flirtation Waltz and then the Continental. And then the few of us that were in the Adult Skate Class fumbling thru the Glide Waltz in our funky looking costumes!!! But it's all great memories from a rink that "used to be".

And now, all these years later my husband and I are so very proud to still be skating and still having "FUN"....

Let's hear some more memories!!!!!!!

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