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Doc Sk8, Sure I will gladly share where I gleaned my information from. For a number of years I was CNC technician. I spent two years going to school to learn how to repair and maintain 5 axis milling machines used to build airplane skins and spars for Boeing. In that two years of training I spend 40 hours of training on everything about bearing from how they work, to how to clean and repair bearings. Over the years I have had extensive experiences working with bearings much smaller than the ones used for skating to bearings used in AC drive motors that weigh over a thousand pounds. In my previous job it was critical that I understood how bearings worked and how to services them correctly. These where bearings that needed to operate for 1000's hours without failure.

I can see how you could think that water would not hurt a stainless steel bearing but I have 2" stainless steel ball out of a bearing that was wet for less than 5 minutes that is discolored because of the corrosion process was already underway. Now in the precision bearing that are used for skates wheels we cannot get a clear picture of the bearing without destroying the bearing. But after you clean a bearing and if you can see any discoloration of the race the process of changing the chemical structure of the bearing has started.
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