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Default All very interesting...

Originally Posted by SDean View Post
Doc Sk8, Sure I will gladly share where I gleaned my information from. For a number of years I was CNC technician. I spent two years going to school to learn how to repair and maintain 5 axis milling machines used to build airplane skins and spars for Boeing. In that two years of training I spend 40 hours of training on everything about bearing from how they work, to how to clean and repair bearings. Over the years I have had extensive experiences working with bearings much smaller than the ones used for skating to bearings used in AC drive motors that weigh over a thousand pounds. In my previous job it was critical that I understood how bearings worked and how to services them correctly. These where bearings that needed to operate for 1000's hours without failure.

Thanks for sharing... You still did not answer my question about tempered Stainless bearings.....

I can see how you could think that water would not hurt a stainless steel bearing but I have 2" stainless steel ball out of a bearing that was wet for less than 5 minutes that is discolored because of the corrosion process was already underway.

And? I have done hundreds of Non Stainless sk8 bearings in soap and water with NO obvious detrimental side effects.... since the crud the bearings pick up from sk8ing is far more damaging...

So I'm gonna say my cleaning experience with many bearings trumps your one corroded ball...

Now in the precision bearing that are used for skates wheels we cannot get a clear picture of the bearing without destroying the bearing.

Let me suggest some more study of SK8 BEARINGS on your part. Here is a good place to start..... These guys are the APEX of the SK8 BEARING industry.. Odd.... they mention cleaning bearings with water based cleaners

If you use a water based cleaner like a citrus cleaner or a detergent, be sure to dry your bearings IMMEDIATELY and then re-coat them with lubricant to prevent rust.
and DO NOT prohibit it anywhere I have seen in their instructions.

I have routinely disassembled many sk8 bearings over the years and fully examined them under 40x stereo magnification and then successfully re-assembled them and run them for many years. Look at FarmTruk's avatar.... Perhaps you can see more of what is going than you thought in a sk8 bearing...even before you take it apart...

But after you clean a bearing and if you can see any discoloration of the race the process of changing the chemical structure of the bearing has started.
I will agree to that but it is really not all that relevant to the sk8 bearing discussion. I have sk8ed 8 ball Fafnirs that were frozen solid with rusty gunk. They cleaned up and rolled with hardly a whisper... and keep on rolling...

I understand your background and appreciate your concerns...but SK8 bearings are NOT precision machine bearings. The applications are as different as night and day. I suggest most sk8rs routinely sk8 and have no issues with bearings that would be thrown away in a precision machine application...

"The difference between good skates and great skates comes from knowing where to get the numbers."
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