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Originally Posted by angoraknitter View Post
What's your favorite Skating dress to practise or compete in? Past , present?
I'll kick this off with a couple pictures.
Oh, now this is a fun question!! I should formally introduced myself first, I guess. I've posted a couple of times on here. I am Stacey, a mom to skaters. My 9-year-old daughter does freestyle and grudgingly figures. lol My 6-year-old son just loves to skate around. I'm not sure he's going to be interested in figure skating, maybe speed. My four-year-old son says that he is not old enough or big enough to skate yet. But anyway... I will have to take a few shots of her skating outfits and figure out how to get them on here. I have her Gold Skate photo, are we allowed to scan in professional pictures from the competitions?


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