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Originally Posted by biffsk8er View Post

I disagree. My choice is cheaper than the carbons and has a better resale value after hard use than all of the skates mentioned.

It really isn't that much more. I've done cheap but reliable in the past. I always end up wishing I invested my money better. Nothing worse than buying a cheap product that falls apart quickly and has no resale value.
Yes, but if they're just getting into the sport- they shouldn't invest too much money into it yet because they hadn't been in there long.

-Carbon 2's are $329 boot-only
-USD Kelso Carbon Custom Skate BLACK on Aggressivemall are $229(full-setup)
The difference between 229 and 99 is pretty big for someone who's just getting into the sport. Spending the bigger sum is equivalent to buying a used car you don't know the specs about.
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