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Originally Posted by 0u812 View Post
pivot insert. I recently purchased a set of ProLine plates. I was cleaning them up and the front pivot inserts are wore out.

Yeah, they were not designed to be jam sk8ed on. That was intended to be a racing only plate... (The Art version was different.) Funny how many sk8rs think that all sk8s should be able to handle any form of abuse they want to throw @ it.

I've read on this forum the originals are oilite bronze.

True that.

I've looked for some new ones and found these*.

Odd the listing says brass but the pic looks like oilite to me.

The same website have some they call Labeda "replacement" pivot inserts. Do you think the ones listed as "Real Labeda" are from the Labeda company?


Are possably the same as the originals?

Again, no idea.

Also do you know if Labeda currently uses bronze or delrin/PTFE/plastic inserts in their repro ProLine plates?

I have had exactly one 2nd generation Pro Line in my hands (about 3 years ago) and have never ordered another one. I was horrified @ the lack of quality in the trucks.

If so where might I buy those instead? I'm going to make a call to Labeda sometime today and send these same questions to them on their website. Thanks Doc.
Good luck. Let us know how you make out. (just between you me and the wall delrin is most likely a better choice.)
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