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I think it's called Brookfield park and it is in Montclair. It is a very big park and a dog park also. Don't let the dog park bother you, they are separated from everything it seems like and everyone I met was very curteous and knew how to control their dogs when they were on the trail. Very different from what I have experienced here in Texas. I was up over Chistmas break visiting family and skated there also everyday. The trails are many and if you take the trail up then you get tree leaves and hidden twigs on the trail, which is quite a challenge. I went probably 1 mph and most of it was on my butt. Then I took a left and headed downhill. OMG!!! It was trilling to say the least. Nothing like going too fast on a trail with slick leaves. But after being surged with adrenaline I decided to stay on the lower trails and streets. One way streets, oh how nice. Then if you take the lowest trail which is closest to the soccer field and track and open park you get a nice dry trail with very few pavement imperfections. When I would come to a part where I could jump off the trail and get on some nice smooth road I did and just hauled as fast as I could before jumping back onto the trail. The cold was difficult for me but it was also fun for a change.
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