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Default N00B to the Forum

Hello everyone, my name is Jason, born/raised in Indianapolis. I've been lurking and stealing info/ideas from here for so long, I felt like I should join and introduce myself. As a kid, Beech Grove Roller Dome was my 2nd home (long gone now), I was a proud member of the speed skating team and probably some of the best memories of my life. Luckily, the Indianapolis area still has a handful of decent rinks that survived over the years. These days, the "adult skate sessions" a couple nights a week and the occasional Sat. or Sun. afternoon session pretty much sums up my skating now days. Thanks for all the posts and pics, this forum has been VERY helpful over the past few years. Some of knowledge and collections (especially some of the collections) some members have is just INSANE! Anyway, nice to meet you and thanks again!
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