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Default A2A thoughts

OK, first thing to get out of the way. I'm an active Atlanta skater, love A2A as an event, and want it to continue. Now you know my bias. I'm new to the forum here, but have been skating about 15 years, since I moved to Atlanta. It always seemed that my schedule didn't work out do do A2A, or I hadn't trained adequately, but I first did the 38 mile distance in 2004. 2005 was cancelled, and I repeated the 38 in 2006. I'm close enough to the organizers to know that the logistics for a point-to-point 87 mile event is a HUGE headache. There are probably 10 or more different police jurisdictions to deal with (and pay for escort/intersection security), as well as setting up and manning 6 different checkpoints, 2 start lines, 2 finish lines, and all of the other various issues with running an event. This is the reason that A2A costs so much. If we had thousands of skaters, I'm sure the price would be lower. However, this is not the case at this time.

Yes, there are hills, but for every grueling up-hill, there is an exhilarating down-hill. From what I've been told, the 52 is actually an easier distance than the 38. The 38 has more hills. I'll find out this year.

I'm signed up for the 52 mile option this year, and am looking forward to hopefully completing it in around 4 hours. Come on out and join us!
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