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Originally Posted by sommemi View Post
Okay - in regards to the new bearings I put on then tried to skate with...
YES - THEY WERE PACKED WITH STUFF. I guess I'm just so used to my bearings rolling with super ease (from all the great advice peviously given) that I never realized how horrible slow bearings could be!!! Yes, they would have been okay, and maybe over weeks would have loosened up but I'm impatient. So essentially, I need to get the tremendous goop cleaned out that is packed in them before the next meet/practice or I'm going to be doing my tortoise impression again.

Again, thanks to everyone for all the advice! I used to think I knew it all, but the internet has again proven me wrong. lol I know everyone has a favorite way of doing it, and some things work better for some than others, so just wanted to share what I heard in case anyone else is looking for MORE advice like I am. lol

Happy cleaning!
Thanks for posting this! It's taken a while to find out why my bearings were running so slow... Clean & re-lube mission is now underway
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