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I'm with zebra1922, just starting back after doing it a lot as a kid...... and have skated on hireds in the last year or so, but have just recently bought my own speed skates......

I wish there was speed skating lessons for quad skaters, they have them for inline at my local rink.....

Things I am working on is cross over, just one way at the working on T-stop, I wish I could do the turn stop...... using you tube for this..... one of the quad speedies at my local rink has been really great to me and showing me stuff.....and correcting me, I was doing it wrong last week and he kindly pointed out what I needed to be doing.

It would also be nice if you could try different wheels on your own skates....instad of forking out $200 for a wheel you might end up with and don't like......

Would be nice if there was some sort of order in which to learn as well or exercises that you could do....

I hope that helps.
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