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Smile Missed you

Yes, we missed you. I'm sure you would have had a blast. Megan talked about coming back along with more skaters. You would have really had some fun with Megan and the Slalom/Freestyle. I think it fits well with the inline figure skating. We don't have figures and the Slalom event gives a great opportunity to work on footwork as well as a sport in its own right. The figure skaters loved it.

This morning one of the USARS judges came up to me at practice and said she felt it was the best skating competition she had ever seen. This bodes well for attracting future skaters.

We'll probably have the same events with the same rules except for a few tweaks. Maybe different moves in the technical only events, but from the same level of skating. The Survivor Solo event worked out a little differently then envisioned and the judge might need a little more judging experience then anticipated except for low levels, but it has great potential. No one else has used this concept. Of course, this was your idea We just had to develop a format.

The Free Skate events will probably have requirements instead of suggested elements. Except for the USARS Inline Free Skate events, the remaining events follow the US Figure Skating Adult levels and so the exact details may have to wait until the new rule book. We also need to figure out which moves translate well. I think change foot spins are more difficult on inlines than on ice.

The Survivor Team event needs some tweaking and rule clarification, but once people learn it I'm sure it will be a big hit Basic Racing will need to be a bracket type event with only two skaters and the best one advancing to the next bracket.

The judges forms will be updated and we'll try to get them out early so people can see how they are judged and give some feedback. There was a little confusion among the judges as to whether an event was to be judged as a technical event or an artistic/creative event or both. This was true even for the USARS show event. Some USARS judges worksheets did not have enough detail in my opinion, so we'll modify them to add more info.

We are continually looking for new ideas and suggestions for next year, let us know your thoughts. We should at least double the number of skaters next year. There was only four months notice this year with details.


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It sounds like it was a blast!! Wish I could have made it. ......But I'm already looking forward to next year!! Definitely let us know when the DVD is ready.....

Sorry to hear about the team from Haiti. Hope they are able to attend next year...

Glad that the slalom skating was a hit and "worked" with the artistic. It is great to have them together!! Will Megan be back next year? I really missed attending her seminar. Would have loved to find out more about slalom...

Also, do you plan to have the same "artistic" catagories next year? I love your idea to include Interpretive, Basic Skill and Artistic Events along with the usual freeskate (SP, LP) and dance events....SO COOL!!!

Again, I am very, very, very sorry that I could not make it. (Wish I had been there!!) But I am difinitely looking forward to next year!!

And congratulations to everyone who skated!!
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