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June is my biggest month. I actually lost a full week because of travel to/from and attendance at a conference and still managed:

Skating - 5.8 hours - 4275 calories (I'm missing a couple workouts. They're all indoors, so I only use the data if the heart rate monitor syncs, and there were some problems for a couple of weeks.)
Cycling - 11.7 hours - 10752 calories (188 miles)
Indoor Volleyball - 20.2 hours - 11667 calories (I think I'm missing 1 or 2 sessions)
Beach Volleyball - 9.5 hours - 5077 calories
Aerobics - 3.5 hours - 3008 calories

Total - 50.75 hours - 34780 calories. Plus a couple of untracked skating workouts, and maybe another couple of hours of volleyball.

I won't see these sorts of numbers again until next May/June.
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