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I am on a pair of 12-year-old RB Lightning 10s that desperately need replacing and will be within the next month. I will miss them...they are long-time loyal companions and outlasted my ex-husband by almost double

I live near a 7 mile long paved trail that is great for down-and-back laps. It could be longer but I'll take it.

I run and skate. I made the mistake of signing up for the Indy Mini next year when the reg was super cheap so now I have to follow through. I also have a 5k on 9/3 and need to find a 10k for the fall. As far as skating goes, I have not ever raced but want to do CIM next year. My current long skates are about 10 miles. My 10k time is right around 30 minutes, which I realize sucks but will improve with work.

I could use some advice about skates. I am leaning towards Bont Semi-Race but am open to suggestions; my main question is the benefit of 110s over 100s. I have a small foot (size 4) and I feel like 110s will almost be ridiculously long...but if that's how it is, then so be it and I'll learn to love it for the sake of improvement.

Goals. 140 miles on wheels, and non-stop 5k on foot. I need to drastically improve core strength and flexibility as well, and drop about 10 pounds. Looking forward to some hard work.
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