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I just took a look at my skates, and I actually have Lightning 05s, not 10s. I don't know how I never knew that. Anyway, they have 82s for wheels, so no matter which I choose it will be a jump up. I don't think these skates will accommodate 100s though.

Wheel size is one reason for the upgrade, the other is that as much as I like my skates, I feel like I could definitely be faster and that my skates are hindering me. I don't have any experienced skaters or a shop anywhere nearby, so I am sort of flying blind. I lean towards the Semi-Race because the cuff is higher and would seem to be better to start out on, as well as better for longer distance skating. I don't really have any desire for short distance speed skating. I welcome suggestions, as I honestly have no idea and will not likely get to try anything on.
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