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Originally Posted by MLPearson79 View Post
I just took a look at my skates, and I actually have Lightning 05s, not 10s. I don't know how I never knew that. Anyway, they have 82s for wheels, so no matter which I choose it will be a jump up. I don't think these skates will accommodate 100s though.

Wheel size is one reason for the upgrade, the other is that as much as I like my skates, I feel like I could definitely be faster and that my skates are hindering me. I don't have any experienced skaters or a shop anywhere nearby, so I am sort of flying blind. I lean towards the Semi-Race because the cuff is higher and would seem to be better to start out on, as well as better for longer distance skating. I don't really have any desire for short distance speed skating. I welcome suggestions, as I honestly have no idea and will not likely get to try anything on.
I skate marathon distance on speed boots. It is very possible once you get used to the lower cut boot. I only skate outdoor, and only race outdoor. The shortest distance I race is a 10k in the spring, otherwise it is 3 marathons and a very fast half marathon just about every year. Long training skates are 25+ miles. Most of the guys I race with also regularly skate these distances on low cut speed boots. There are people that race the NY 100k and Athens to Atlanta in speed boots, too.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with Semi-races, though, and coming from the skates you are on, that is a viable option. However, keep in mind that the cuff height difference between the Semi-Race and Jet is only about an inch, and the cuff on the Semi-Race isn't articulating like on your RBs. I can't specifically comment on how much more support they provide than speed boots because I haven't used them, but the big benefit to lower cut boots, in my opinion, is the increased range of motion that allows you to sit deeper in the speed squat, and articulate your ankle more for double push and inside edge carving. Based on the wheel size, go with 100mm wheels regardless, I think 110s may be a bit much for you to push. I don't know if I know of a non-pro woman on 110s.

If you want something more like a fitness/marathon boot, you could also consider the K2 Radical 100, Tempest 100, or Powerslide Marathon. I wouldn't recommend the RB Powerblade because their one-point mount raises the deck height of the boot to astronomical levels that will sacrifice maneuverability, just my opinion, though.

Getting faster is a combination of technique and fitness. Checkout Powerslide's Powerskating tutorials: There are a lot of great videos on YouTube also, like Sk8 Skool's technique drills.

As for buying skates, it may be worth a trip to Chicago to see Cale Carvell. He sells Bont and Luigino boots, and can help you with basic fit issues. Otherwise, you may have to go into Michigan to find another retailer. I know there are a group of guys based out of Indianapolis, so that could be an option, also. As for online, you can buy direct from Bont, or go through Inline Warehouse, Adam's Inline, or Glenn Koshi (who is an SLF member). I think you would benefit from trying on the Semi-Race next to the Jet or similar low cut boot. Glenn would be a good resource on the comparison between the Semi-Races and lower cut boots.
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