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Thanks, that is extremely helpful! If there are some Indianapolis folks you wouldn't mind steering me towards (or them towards me) that would also be great. I spend quite a bit of time on the rail trail here and see virtually no skaters, but Indy is only an hour away and I am often there on weekends (Terre Haute is short term for us and we really don't like it). We do pass through Chicago several times a year as well so seeing Cale is a possibility. Is it a reasonable expectation with speed skates to be able to try them on?

I do like my RBs but the boots are trashed and torn up in places. I didn't think of the articulation, so that's a good consideration. I need to take a look at pictures of people standing in various models to see where the malleoli hit inside the boot.

Thanks again for all this advice, and I didn't mean to thread hijack!

As far as the duathlon - some day! I have far more aptitude for skating than running, but running helps lean me out. It is SO much harder for me to even run just 3 miles than to skate 10.
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