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Originally Posted by MLPearson79 View Post
I don't have any experienced skaters or a shop anywhere nearby, so I am sort of flying blind.
You might. I skate out of Danville, IL, about an hour away from you (and where I live). A couple of months ago we got a new skater who can in from southeast Asia. I think South Korea, but I might be remembering wrong. Anyway, he also drives about an hour, and I'm thinking from Terre Haute. He actually studied with a boot maker back home, and seems to be about as knowledgeable about the theory and individual aspects of inline equipment as anyone I know. I don't know how much he knows the local brands. He would at least be able to guide you through the features if not the individual fits.

Our season restarts August 20, so I won't be in contact with him until then. You are welcome to come up too if you want to try indoor.

If you are willing to wait until October we will also be hosting the meet that month, and Dave from Great Lakes Skates should be there. He knows a lot about the brands, and if you contact him ahead of time he might bring samples in the right size if he has them in stock.

EDIT: If you want more details PM me or start a new thread.
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