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Default 10K Skate Race, Salt Lake City, Utah 18 April 2015

Announcing the inaugural 10K Skate Race, Salt Lake City, Utah 18 April 2015 as part of the Salt Lake City Marathon events.

Please help us in spreading the news like wild fire to all our skating friends!

Pre-register online, just follow the registration link. The race is chip timed and start time will be 7:30AM. Finisher medals and age group division medals awarded. Participants will receive a goody bag and a cool event sport-tee, too!

Register Online:

SkateNow Facebook Event info:

Price per Participant Registration:
$30.00 Present - Jan. 4
$35.00 Jan 4 - Feb 28
$40.00 March 1 - April 12*
$45.00 April 13 - April 17*
(no day of registration, you must pre-register).
(*updated: Feb 22, 2015 - organizers recently changed pricing increase dates)

Event Expo is Fri: 10am-8pm.

The skate event is open to inline and quad skaters of recreational, fitness, advanced, and pro race levels. The course is relatively flat and smooth, with slight grade variation. Average skating speeds can be 10-20mph, with the pro racers reaching +25mph in the finish sprint.

Details are posted on the Main Event web link:

For those traveling in from outside SLC, Alaska Air has been offering pretty sweet deals into Salt Lake, planning early can save you $.

What else is there to do in Utah you ask? It's mid-April in Utah, we experience mostly nice springtime temperatures in the valley, but there's plenty of skiing & snowboarding to be had at high elevation. We're planning for some snowy fun in the mtns on Sunday for those interested, and an alternate group skate on Antelope Island, for those that prefer wheels to sliding on snow. Hope you can join us!

See you at the Start Line!
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