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Jim and Others.... To answer: "Why there is no marathon offered with this venue?"

Review the marathon & half marathon course topo (map my ride or other topo mapping system) you'll find huge hills, impossible sketchy downhill turns, and what you can't see on a map is rough chip-seal for pavement and/or deteriorating pavement in a lot of places. We did our research and peddled the course, did an evaluation, then wound our initial optimism for a half marathon further down to the 10K distance. The last 6.2 miles of the half marathon course was flat and suitable for skating. Welcome to Utah, the motherland of chip-seal pavement....ugg. If I even meet the person who who invented chip-seal I won't have many nice words to relay - this type of cheap road surfacing is killing roads for skate racing everywhere, not only Utah but in a lot of western states.

So, that said, the 10K was all we could work with from this course. The 10K event is also more about engaging the local community, in particular rec & fitness skaters, derby, aggressive, and of course the speedsters. Costs of stand alone events for a smaller group of hardcore speed marathoners would far exceed attendance, and to cater to a few long distance speedskaters won't sustain our sport. Rather the sport needs events that the rec & fitness crowd can engage in and feel accomplished as they work their way towards longer distances. We also need visibility for our sport, so tagging onto larger high profile venues helps bring visibility to skating.

We all talk about building the sport, and adding a skate race onto a larger venue is an easy means to accomplish this goal. This is something anyone in the forum, who discuses the declining status of our sport and the need for more events, can get involved in and do in their respective communities.

As far as venue calendars go, didn't las vegas coincide with blue ridge? both offered large indoor meets. Dates are something we can never get away from, and this particular venue had it's date set.

Jim - curious, how you infer the marathon course is "wheel chair friendly?" there is nothing implying that as far I read in their description of the Bike tour, which uses the same marathon course. I can tell you that the marathon course is not skate friendly (imo, as both a long time skater and certified skate instructor, and as someone who has put on skate events on/off for 15 years.) below is the only verbiage I came across remotely addressing 'other wheeled devices':

"Recumbent, mountain, tandem, electric-assist, cruiser, hand cycle and touring bikes are allowed on the course."

Hope that helps to answer to everyone. And, even you are unable to attend, helping us spread the word will help to assure this race will be here next year, too.

We're currently over 120 registrants with a month to go - it's great to see the local interest, as well as participation from neighboring states.
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