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Originally Posted by shesk8 View Post
Jim - curious, how you infer the marathon course is "wheel chair friendly?" there is nothing implying that as far I read in their description of the Bike tour, which uses the same marathon course.
I got that from their webpage:

Our marathon course is wheelchair friendly, and we gladly welcome para-athletes to participate. Wheelchairs and hand cycles will begin the marathon at 6:05 a.m. In accordance with USATF guidelines, wheelchair and hand cycle athletes must wear helmets."

The chairs have wheels that are considersbly bigger than skate wheels and no doubt can handle the chip-seal better. Yeah I know, I live on a chip-seal road and when I skate on it, it rattles my teeth. No fun. I wonder if the bigger 125's would make skating on such a surface tolerable.

I totally agree that tagging skate races onto running races greatly increases our visibility to the right people. I sometimes get asked about the exercise benefits of skating. When it comes to total body workouts, I believe skating is second only to XC skiing. (my winter sport) It also has the added benefit of no wear and tear on the joints.

If there are already 120 skaters signed up, I think that is just incredible! Great job and keep the fire going!!
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