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Talking Love my Royals

Originally Posted by Analog Kid View Post
I'm looking to purchase some Royals for a much needed upgrade to my skates, but after reading through several forum posts about how the Royal came to be in the first place (like Eve from the Imperial's rib, now with curves!) I started to wonder:

Since the production of the Royal changed to allow more plates to be made faster, has the production quality dipped?

Don't know where you heard that but all the Snyder stuff (except the Advantage) is still made w/ the original tooling. Nothing is sped up. I sell a lot of Royals and all that I get are special order now. If you find one out on a distributors shelf, it is most likely from the first run back in 2008 or 9. (Sorry memory is slipping here.) One issue I have run across is some variability in the polishing. Not sure why that is.

And for that matter, since all these plates came out in the 70s, has the drop forging process or the aluminum quality changed?

The Royal is still made from the Imperial base plates, just cut to shape and thinned out. Far as I know the Aluminum is as good or better now.

Basically, can I expect to order a plate made this year and get the same quality and durability that earned the imperial a good reputation in the 70s?
I have no idea when the last run of base plates was. I get the impression that they are still neck deep in them. The truck forgings are not OG since they were originally cut down by hand from the great honking Imperial truck. So they and the hangers are relatively new. I would say overall the Royals are still a 9 out of 10.

Out of idle curiosity, what kind of boot are you mounting them on??
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