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Originally Posted by Lil Rev View Post
Well done! It's really daunting the first few times you drop in. Wish I had crash pants the time I did that Once you've got your boots sorted, get practising some stalls. Doesn't look a bad set of ramps, is there many more there?
Thanks! Those clips were from Horfield skatepark (pic). And another nice one is Hengrove skatepark (pic) - that's where I went yesterday for this year's first skatepark session! Did those bowls mostly. It had been more than 6 months since I last did it. I did hesitate at the top a little but then dropped in and it was great! My shoulder is grazed, my palm is purple and it hurts to sit but it was worth it I would not go without full set of protection including the crash pants because I like having a good go. I do fall over a lot but I think it helps my progress. It's kind of fun?
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