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Originally Posted by jcmil2 View Post
Hey again, gang! I go 5-10/250 lb. and need to find the right combination to get a decent roll so I don't feel like I'm fighting my equipment to get around the floor. I recently bought a combo with Riedell 120's, Century plates, Bones Art Elite 57mm/101A wheels, Bones Super Reds and Snyder toes and I can't seem to get these things to roll worth a crap. I've tried 62mm/98A wheels on maple and it feels like I'm skating on marshmallows. Last night after I got back from the rink I pulled wheels and bearings, cleaned out the original Bones Speed Cream and replaced it with 3-in-1 oil. If that doesn't do much for them I'm going to try a set of Qube 8-balls. Maybe having the extra ball in there will distribute and hold up under the load of my big arse better? Or maybe I just need to lose some weight...
how tight is the floor, maybe the wheels aren't hard enough for them. bearings sometimes need a bit of breaking in to break down original lube. not the greatest plates but ok. 98 wheels are much too soft for a man your size. look for somebody who has some old wheels to try so u don't have to keep buying them. some 103s or another wheel from a different company. good luck
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