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Originally Posted by jcmil2 View Post
Hey again, gang! I go 5-10/250 lb. and need to find the right combination to get a decent roll so I don't feel like I'm fighting my equipment to get around the floor. I recently bought a combo with Riedell 120's, Century plates, Bones Art Elite 57mm/101A wheels, Bones Super Reds and Snyder toes and I can't seem to get these things to roll worth a crap. I've tried 62mm/98A wheels on maple and it feels like I'm skating on marshmallows. Last night after I got back from the rink I pulled wheels and bearings, cleaned out the original Bones Speed Cream and replaced it with 3-in-1 oil. If that doesn't do much for them I'm going to try a set of Qube 8-balls. Maybe having the extra ball in there will distribute and hold up under the load of my big arse better? Or maybe I just need to lose some weight...
I doubt the bearings are the issue. Unless someone packed them with grease. But that probably did not happen. Look at the suspension and wheels. Maybe even the plate mounting on the boot. Consider softer cushions or adjusting the pre-load.
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