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Cages only divide balls evenly and keep the spacing correct. There is no real "load" on them. The only time they really see a challenge is when you're skating fast and do a 180 where the bearing must instantly spin the other direction. I do this ALOT, at very fast speeds and don't destroy bearings.

Also there is a good chance that the bearings were not seated all the way to begin with.

Abec1 ratings are only for dimensional tolerances, not rolling resistances. Actually higher abec1 numbers are usually used with parts that are more precise, requiring that precision, such as milling equipment, and thus, are radially and axially tight. Which leads to poor rolling resistances, but highly stable shafts, for say cnc machines.

Make sure no seals are dented, and that the bearing as a few seconds of free spin when you spin just the bearing in your fingers, bones shoukd roll solo for several revolutions when spun in the fingers.
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