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Originally Posted by tinabee View Post
I wish all of those Hollywood gossip websites and magazines would just go away! Don't people have anything better to waste their time on?
Wish granted, thanks Al Gore for inventing the internet. As it turns out the most collosal, comprehensive waste of time, in terms of percentage of accessible society is concerned, is created and it's called the internet. It is the one place where a wealth of information and broad array of communication opportunities has resulted in the complete confusion of mankind. The typical human brain, though wired in an infinitely superior way, has yet to be trained to integrate with the myriadical expanse of information at it's disposal thanks to the internet. As a result, it becomes stalled and resorts to it's more baser interests, porn for men and hollywood gossip websites for women.

I wish that I could imbue certain of my healthy friends with a desire to pursue life and I also wish that I could imbue certain of my not so healthy friends with a desire to pursue life.
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