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Found that this tennis court unused. It's a great place to skate except for major fault lines here and there.

Got some video. Wasn't doing as well as I was at the rink. But I'll put it up anyway.

My usual self-analysis. The spins are not set at all. I did so much bettr this weekend. I'll chalk-it-up to getting used to the surface. I'm also pulling in too soon. I haven't thrown the upper body around enough before pulling into the IB edge.

Waltz is a bit better, could still do more rotation, and that wild free leg leg is still wild. I have just a bit more control of the arms though. Seems my IB has arm conteol problems as well. I'll see if I can get a new broom handle and work things out with that.

All of the elements would do with more speed. A bit more timid on this surface.

I brought a broom, but someone had ran over the handle in the garage. I thought it would work but bent in half. So the little spill at the end due to a stone and the speaker got hit hard. No injury at all to me. But my bluetooth now has some plastic missing.
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