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The rotation starts on the inside back edge of the eventually non-performing foot.

Found this in several physics of ice skating videos.

I think I set my right foot correctly now (this time for sure -- Bullwinkle Moose). I can do left as well but concentrated on right.

I seen from my past videos I was mohawking to an almost flat edge then trying to spiral down to a spin. I end up doing more of a three-turn than a rock-over. Then I am going IB in a circle and trying to spiral down to a spin again. Ocassionally, I actually pull that off, but it's never going be consistent or amount to a lot of rotation. It's just plain wrong.

My new, better, entery uses two good cross pulls (as the art guy I know told me) then I use a pretty deep inside back edge. This is where rotation starts. Then I think of my feet as if they are on the outside of two gears meshing together. The more I bend the knee the better the rotation.

So my new issue is that the set of the spin comes to the middle of the performing skate very quickly. I'm not in position to rock-over. But my skate is almost forcibly put on the toes, stops for an instant, and continues rotation IB. Weather I'm ready or not. I think this is what is supposed to happen, but I need it to happen in a controlled manner.

I'm also doing some scratch spins just to see where I sit.

I need to get t some video to confirm thst my entry is now correct though. Those videos are so telling.
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