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Originally Posted by Ancient1 View Post
Please concentrate on the entry. For an IB upright, start with your back 90 degrees from the ground. I noticed you were almost in an arabesque (parallel to the ground) when you were outside.

When you enter and step to your employed foot (Left foot) you are not spotting the foot in place and then flip the edge. Try to do a Mohawk from right back to left front and immediately after the left foot goes down flip the edge with a 3 turn. As you do the Mohawk, step to the left foot with a very deep knee bend (not a body bend, just a deep knee bend) keeping your back straight up and then as you straighten your knee some do the 3 turn to spot the spin.

Here is my spin again and see what I am saying about Mohawk to 3 turn with a deep knee bend and then straighten. That way you can bring the right leg
up and keep it tight.

Just to note. I saw the vid on the trainer and I think it may be hurting your technique on wheels. Specifically you are on the wrong edge for an IB spin, and in fact you are mostly on an outer forward edge and you are compensating with your leg out. That spinner is more for a single point such as an Ice Blade and not for 4 points on wheels.
Thanks for the help once again. It's really difficult to learn without help. I will get this!

When you point out areas to get it right I want to try it right away, can't think about anything else til skating day. I'm such a big kid.
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