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Yes! LOF spot and rockover to LIB. Of course stand upright, since it is an upright spin... You can take a bow after you finish the spin, not before or during the spin.

Remember to step on the LOF with a deep knee bend, not a waist bend. DEEP Knee bend. Then you can start to straighten the knee bend as you flip edges.

Originally Posted by Derrick View Post
Yea, it takes me a while as I think I get it and have some aspect then I find I had that part wrong. Vid should be saturday; weather is real nice now.

So.. Just so I'm sure I understand... When you spot the spin on the lof, that's the same spot after the rock over you are just going around it IB? Not that I could tell without video of myself. If I'm looking down I would already be in trouble.

I still have a bad habit of bending over. Then it doesn't spot and I have to abort. Anyway, at least I know what I should have done and I get it the next time. Busy sessions and muscle strain is cutting my practice pretty short these days though. Oh yes, and the sun is in my eyes.
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