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Default Ok no pro money was tight and the fam wants vacations too

Anyway, back from pretending that I'm not focussing on spins.

So I've done incrementally better. I've recently learned a couple of things.

1. The toe press. I was trying to use a lean to get on the right edge. I learned I can press the toe without leaning. Stay straight up and down and press despite no lean. This has really improved my two foot, and inproved my one foot as well.

2. The obvious, stand straight up -- and your never as straight up as you think you are. Get straighter

3. Let your fingers feel the spin. Control the arms but very lightly, let the spin take them a bit, then bring them in with minimal force.

4. Bring the arms and balance foot in together. It just helps me balance. I can do it one at s time but I'm better if it's one motion.

5. Enter completely upright. You can bend the knee but not the waist.

Perhaps conjecture, perhaps not, but I'm getting better.

Things I'm doing well on: That entering IB before the Chactaw is awesome. Setting much better, getting straight.

Things to improve: Get lower knee bend, I enter Chactaw bent, then straighten, need to just be straight. Set quicker.

I'm reqlly getting better, but I always need work.
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