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Fantastic race. Perfect weather (sunny, cool, next-to-no wind) and great competition.

InlineSkateMpls article here.

I started with the pro group and no amount of wheel sucking was going to help keep up with the pace these guys started at. By the time I dropped, after about a mile, I was getting gapped doing 24 mph going up a slight incline. Perambulator and Tom Peterson made a heroic go of trying to catch the lead pack but they were just too fast. It seemed like they slowed to more reasonable speeds after about 3 miles, as they quit pulling away from the chase pack for a while, but there was no way we were going to catch them.

The rest of the race was, more or less, cooperative. There were a few surges and a few hard pulls going up the hills but, for the most part, the group just settled in to a nice, fast pace. Thus, we ended up with a field sprint at the end and, somewhat humorously, it started about 200 yards too early. Somebody jumped out of line and started going for it so everyone else followed suit. With about 100-200 yards left before the finish line, everybody fell back into line and rested for a few beats because we were all totally gassed. Then we gave it one last push but it was a bit the sprinting was a little less impressive than on the first try.

All in all, I had a ton of fun. I would have liked to stay with the lead pack, but I ended up skating a strong race and competed to the very best of my ability, which is usually all the more I can hope for.
Dale Larson
Eagan, MN
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