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Originally Posted by Armadillo View Post
ursle has no problems with doling out bad advice for things about which he has either limited experience, no competence, little understanding, or insufficient skills to resolve the imaginary issues he mythologizes.
I again would advise the op to ignore the trash talk and advice unless of course he's a delusional, short, fat old man that can't articulate his ankles and trolls around on skate log.
Inlines are great for speed, quads are great for fun, anyone posing on quads pretending they have the accomplishments of an inline speed skater, is simply trolling.
Bad advice, right, show us your two broken shoulders due to ineptitude, and a broken wrist, again due to ineptitude, and hopefully no others have broken bones following delusional advice.
Anyway, hopefully the op will sort out the bs and delusional ranting from reality.
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