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Default Save Money

I have had great luck with using wheels that are made for longboards. They are generally bigger for ease over the cracks and ruff stuff. They are duros that are made for the outdoors, usually less than 88a. They come in a ton of colors and sizes as well. I have cut some down for a better fit. And now for the best part....They are almost always less expensive than wheels for roller skates. Not to mention you can find them in most malls, shopping centers, or anywhere they sell skateboards. ARBOR, BLANK, BLOOD ORANGE, BUSTIN, CADILLAC, CLOUD, RIDE, EARTHWING, GLOBE, GOLDCOAST, GRAVITY, HAWGS, KRYPTONICS, METRO, OJ, ORANGATANG, PINK, RAD, RAYNE, REMEMBER, RETRO, SECTOR 9, SEISMIC, SUNSET, THESE, VENOM, WHITE LIGHTNING. Those are just some of the companies, each with multiple choices. Longboarding is about a thousand times more popular than roller skating, even though they are both awesome, and this is why they are inexpensive. Just shop around, with these prices you can experiment. My personal recommendation is the Shark wheels or Kryptonics Route line. Best of luck.
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